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I will remember the ambience of the Miami Cuban community, the growth of Jennifer, the woman-in-distress who conquers-her-fears in this one a common theme in Gruber's work. I'll remember that I should have anticipated the way the piranhas in the pool figure into the end long before I did--it was the gun hanging on the wall from the earliest scenes at the ecologists' retreat. Jun 21, Jon rated it really liked it. More Gruber, typically excellent and convincing. This one provides a very sympathetic impression of what it must be like to be an Amazonian Indian and magic-worker, on a mission to save your home from the ravages of the modern world.

Sounds improbable, but when you're reading the book, it's completely convincing. Dec 01, Dan rated it really liked it. I really don't know any other author who can find a way to mix serious discussions of string and membrane theory, the devastating effects of deforestation, and Colombian drug cartels into a supernatural thriller where a jungle medicine man turns into a jaguar maybe to seek revenge.

There's a lot more, too, and the ending is just about perfect. Ecology, Jungles, urban terror , Mysticism, magic, love , heroism, evil doers,drugs,Shamans, witchcraft, Cubans, Miami. What's not to like? May 30, Patty rated it liked it. This was an interesting thriller but was pretty philosophy heavy.

It was a little hard to get into but the characterization was good and I enjoyed it after I got into it. Mar 06, Jcurmudge rated it really liked it Shelves: novel. You start reading this book and wonder why? After a few chapters you get caught up in the tale of Moie cum Jaguar, and you turn off the TV and shut down all other distractions to get it finished.

Jul 22, Michelle rated it it was ok Shelves: fiction. Michael Gruber needs to learn the difference between "foreshadowing" and "not so subtle hinting at future plot points. Jul 19, David Benefry rated it it was amazing. Following that, we are presented with some sort of tree-hugging commune on the fringe of society, filled with people hell-bent on changing the world to suit their own ideals. However, for some of them the worst enemies come from within the group rather than the outside world. Moving on from that, we learn about the plight of Cuban-American businessmen who seem to be getting bumped off one after the other by a wildly dangerous jungle cat, perhaps some sort of jaguar The Colourful World of Jimmy Paz As you might have noticed, Night of the Jaguar is one of those mysteries which strives to be multifaceted while having numerous concurrent storylines eventually converging into an explosive finale.

There are many seemingly independent layers interacting with each other in ways which only become obvious later on, and personally-speaking, I found keeping track of them all was more difficult than necessary. Speaking of the characters, while it does take a fair amount of time to remember and know all of them, their varied and colourful nature doesn't make it a daunting task in the slightest. There is something notable about each and every one of them, even the smaller background characters having been given some form of personality or distinct characterization.

The Hand from the Other Side Those of you familiar with Jimmy Paz novels know that none of them is complete without some profound cultural exploration, generally somehow tied in with the protagonist's heritage. There are some supernatural elements, and while they are never exactly prevalent, they still leave a strong impression on the story and play a role in shaping the overall atmosphere.

We follow Jimmy as he slowly dives deeper and deeper into a world of mysticism, and to give full credit where it is due, Michael Gruber tied it all in with the main plot thread in masterful fashion. In addition to providing a profoundly-detailed perspective into the Santeria religion, Gruber has also infused a wide variety of musings and meditations on all sorts of topics throughout the story, including materialism, cosmology, ontology, the nature of reality, and that's just to name a few.

The Final Verdict With all being said and done, Night of the Jaguar by Michael Gruber is yet another solid Jimmy Paz novel to add to the collection, offering a combination of colourful and diverse characters, complex converging plots with appeals of their own, some philosophy, as well as a cultural window into the realm of Santeria. If you enjoy complicated murder mysteries with a touch of mysticism, then I strongly recommend you give this novel as well as earlier Jimmy Paz books the chance it deserves. This was an abridged version of our review. Jul 18, Judith Shadford rated it it was amazing.

You know, going in, that there will be three utterly disparate elements, plus, fairly soon a dramatic murder. Gruber invests just enough energy into these elements that when he switches to the next, you have a moment of impatience--like a commercial break. Then you get sucked into the flowering of the next element.

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New characters and exotic settings, something you wouldn't pick up scrolling through Facebook, say. You want to know just a little more before getting back to the previous set of char You know, going in, that there will be three utterly disparate elements, plus, fairly soon a dramatic murder.

You want to know just a little more before getting back to the previous set of characters, or that murder. And then you're watching Jimmy Paz get out of bed and how nice to see him again and he's married! And has a kid! It all gets woven together and even as that final tapestry is revealed, I'm still on the edge of my imaginative chair saying, no no, don't stop now! Then there's a teeny little PS tease that says--you think this is all, but you don't know half of it.

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I love Michael Gruber's writing. I just do.

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I'm unsure exactly why, that was the case too. I think this one took a bit longer to hook me in, and I still don't know exactly why Once the story hooked me though? It was compelling enough. Like I said, good but not as good as the first two. Aug 31, Kristen U rated it really liked it. It was decent but I like the Valley of the Bones better. I read the Valley of the Bones first and really like it. This book had some of the same characters so I enjoyed seeing where they ended up 7 years later.

It was very interesting learning more about the Afro-Cuban and Amazon.

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I could not finish this book. Unfortunately I only made it part way into chapter two and called it quits. I had such high hopes and it may have gotten better but it was soooo bad I didn't want to waste anymore time on it. Jan 29, Laurent De Serres Berard rated it it was ok. Normal writting. The story is not bad, but not incredible.

I more or less appreciate the mix of mysticism in the book, along with the investigation novel side. Oct 30, Jeanette rated it really liked it. This one wasn't as good as the first two. I am sad to know this was the third in a trilogy. I enjoyed this series. May 12, Bonnie rated it it was amazing. Wonderful mix of realism and arcane spirituality, eco themes, slice of Miami life. Quick read with excellent writing. Jul 23, David rated it liked it Shelves: , audiobooks , horror-suspense , florida. Since GoodReads won't allow it, officially this is a three and a half star read.

It took a lot of work to get it there. Halfway through this book, I was so frustrated with this book that I nearly quit on it. Three reasons for this: 1. This third book of the series followed two superb novels and this was not living up to the billing. Instead of a page turner, it was becoming a book burner.

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A pet peeve of mine - a major character within a series has a character flaw, goes through a difficult but Since GoodReads won't allow it, officially this is a three and a half star read. A pet peeve of mine - a major character within a series has a character flaw, goes through a difficult but inevitable transformation by the end of a book This happened in the Pendergast Series of Preston and Child with Laura Hayworth, police detective who took an entire trilogy to be able to understand and respect Pendergast, allowing her husband, a cop friend, to help.

Then the very next book, she's right back to where she started. A character achieves growth, then the author forgets that for lack of a better subplot for tension. In "Night of the Jaguar", we have Jimmy Paz's wife repeating the same unsupportive militant atheism that she had to battle through in "The Valley of Bones".

To a point, I understand this is realistic. People make a spiritual journey, fall back hard and pretend it's always been that way. However, it makes it frustrating for the reader. Lack of an interesting new character. In book 1 Tropic of Night we had Jane Doe, the fascinating anthropologist who was bold, smart and armed with martial arts mastery.

Tropic of Night (Jimmy Paz, #1) by Michael Gruber

In Book 2 Valley of Bones , we had Emiylou Dieteroff, an eccentric woman with a very interesting background as well as Lorna Wise, soon to become Jimmy's wife, her struggles with her hypochondria and her self-image. In Book 3, we have a lot of new characters, but none that makes the reader want to keep going on. At the halfway point, the book's action and mystery finally started its downhill slide, intense enough to overcome the shortcomings of the book. Some things about characters become clearer, and the ending is reached on a satisfactory note.

Also, as a plus, the supernatural elements are back to the level of the first book, and amped up a notch. So, while this is clearly the weakest of the Jimmy Paz series, and while no reader should dare start with this book before reading the others, fans who have read books one and two should be patient and stick with this to the end. View all 3 comments.

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