The Lean Muscle Diet

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And you get it in an honest and practical voice. They want the highlights, the bullet points. This book has those highlights laid out in a logical fashion, but this is a book that you actually read , sentence by sentence, page by page, because it has the power to transform your mind and your approach to eating and exercise. And then what follows is a detailed eating and exercise plan. Being that it comes from Lou and Alan, there is no question in my mind that it will get you positive results.

Small Criticisms Before I met Lou in person for the first time, last year in Kansas City, I sent him an email asking if we could take some time away from the summit to go for a ten mile run together. Anyone who knows Lou or has read his books knows this was a joke. I tried and failed a few times before it finally stuck with me. Another criticism is that the book seems a little dismissive of weightlifting machines.

These criticisms are minor. This book is awesome. Have a comment?

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The Best Science-Based Diet To Build Lean Muscle (10 Studies)

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When you dial up a 1 or 2 or sneak out a fart , energy leaves your body. Alas, you can't toot your way to single-digit body fat. Stay alive. The rest of the calories you eat go toward your body's other basic operating functions. That's at least 60 percent of your metabolism. By changing the "calories in" part of the formula, you also change the "calories out.

With less energy in the tank, you may burn fewer calories during your workouts. That's the danger of cutting calories without a plan to maintain your new lower weight. Your metabolism slows, leaving you hungry and primed to regain fat you lost, especially when hunger hits near a Taco Bell.

ISBN 13: 9781623364182

The key is to reverse that process. Pity the man forced to survive on gluten-free pizza and fat-free ice cream. The Lean Muscle Diet makes eating easy and delicious because you're encouraged to eat gasp! Here's the breakdown of your eating plan. Eat 80 percent of your diet in whole and minimally processed foods that you like.


One exception: Protein powders are highly processed, but they're still a great way to consume the protein you need to make the plan work. Eat 10 percent in whole and minimally processed foods that you don't necessarily like but don't hate say, Swiss chard and lamb. This is intended to expand the range of nutrients you're eating. Maybe you'll even learn to like a food, which means you're less likely to suffer from diet burnout.

Eat 10 percent in whatever the hell you want. Consider this your reward for faithfully embracing the two previous categories.

The Recipes

Use this bonus however you'd like: Have a small indulgence every day, or save up for a bigger weekend junkfest. Even if it includes Cheesy Gordita Crunches. Here's a shortcut: If the food doesn't have an ingredient list, it's a safe bet. Steak, apples, quinoa, eggplant, salmon—they're all single-ingredient foods.

Lean-Muscle Diet | Coach

With packaged foods, each additional ingredient signals an extra step in processing, which may have stripped away some of the good stuff. And often, to make up for lost flavor, food manufacturers pump processed foods with sugar and fat. These foods also tend to be higher in calories.

On this plan, you won't find any rules about foods you must eat. Nor will you find a list of foods you should never eat. Just about anything you already enjoy can fit into the plan, although perhaps not in the quantities you're used to eating. Nutritionists refer to protein, carbs, and fat as "macros.

The circles above show the stats for three good protein sources. On our plan, you'll eat 1 gram of protein for every pound of your target body weight, or 25 percent to 35 percent of your daily diet. But protein also increases satiation feeling full at the end of a meal and satiety feeling less hungry between meals. So protein pulls triple duty: It speeds your metabolism, slows your appetite, and maintains muscle. What about the other macros? You'll eat 0. If you have a good chunk of body fat to lose, use the higher end of that scale. It's not that fat calories have any magical properties; a higher percentage of fat simply means fewer carbs.

That tends to work better for heavier guys, who often are less sensitive to insulin, a hormone triggered by high-carbohydrate meals.

The Recipes

Less sensitivity means more insulin; more insulin means your body will use less fat for energy. For everyone else, it's personal preference.

Whatever calories are left after your calculations will come from carbs. Who knew math could be so tasty? One risk of popular low-calorie diets: nutrient deficiency. That's because the less food you eat, the harder it is to cover the basics. A multivitamin may help, but it probably won't contain enough immunity-fortifying magnesium or bone-building vitamin D. Research shows that eating a wide variety of foods provides the greatest benefit for overall health. To collect those key nutrients, dust off the old-fashioned idea of food groups. Meat and other protein-rich foods , including eggs and protein powder.

Fat-rich foods , such as nuts and seeds, oil used for cooking or salad dressing, butter and nut butters , olives, and avocados. Fibrous vegetables , including just about anything your mother said you had to eat if you wanted dessert. Starchy foods , such as grains bread, cereal, pasta , legumes beans and peas , and tubers potatoes and other root vegetables.

Milk and other dairy products , which includes all varieties of cheese, yogurt, and, yes, even chocolate milk. Aim to include at least one food from each category every day, with some variety in fruits and vegetables, and you'll hit the full range of micronutrients you need to look good and feel great. For more great grub, check out the 14 New Muscle Foods. We know what you're thinking: What about my beer?