The Guide to Amateur Astronomy (2nd Edition)

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It will be published in the autumn of A new book was published in the summer of It is the 2nd edition, of the second volume in the series - Astronomy of the Milky Way. The book is an updated and revised edition of Mike's classic text, and remains the most comprehensive book on the subject. Plus: Dr Mike Inglis is currently planning a book for , which will be an expanded 3rd edition of his book on Astrophysics. Welcome to the official website of astronomer Dr. This 2nd edition of Mike's classic guide to observing the Milky Way in the Southern Hemisphere updates all of the science with new findings from the astrophysics field, as well as featuring a larger format with entirely re-drawn star charts along with an increased number of images.

It updates and improves upon the 1st edition to remain the most comperhensive book on the subject. Everything the author sets out to tackle is covered well, especially when the reader uses the images provided on the DVD to methodically follow each step. Ireland also freely admits as does any good teacher that he is still learning new tricks every day. Photoshop is such a powerful, evolving program that users always seems to be discovering new useful techniques that can further enhance their images.

While virtually all of Ireland's tips can be found or discovered on your own, it would take many months or even years to find and memorize all the information Ireland provides in this one-stop source. That makes Photoshop Astronomy worth its weight in gold About the Author. Scott Ireland has lived in South Florida since the age of six.

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His educational background includes a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in music performance, and a Master of Business Administration Degree in finance. Scott has also passed the Uniform Certified Public Accountants examination, and he holds a ranking of Candidate Master in correspondence Chess from the U. Chess Federation.

As an avocation, Scott has pursued lifelong interests in Astronomy, nature photography and Chess. Scott is a member of the Puckett Supernova Search Team, and was a co-discoverer of Supernovae fd and gw. His images of the Mount St. About the Cover Photo. Photoshop Astronomy 2nd Edition. Information Reviews 0.

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Binocular Astronomy 2nd edition (Crossen / Tirion)

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