Path to Collective Madness: A Study in Social Order and Political Pathology

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Why did the Rwandan genocide take place? How could parents feed their own children drinks laced with poison in Jonestown?

Path to Collective Madness: A Study in Social Order and Political Pathology

As we see many parts of the world being engulfed in fratricidal frenzy, we wonder if it can happen in this country. Gupta examines contemporary cases of genocide and mass murder and seeks to explain why certain societies are more prone to these actions and others are relatively immune. Gupta sees a dialectical tension between our two identities: the self and the collective.

The end of the medieval period was marked by the emergence of individualism in Europe. With time, the march of individualism engulfed the entire Western world and permeated every aspect of its culture, tradition, and academic paradigm. Neoclassical economics is the embodiment of this single-minded pursuit of the rationality of individualism.

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However, our psychobiological evolution has also imbued us with the irrepressible desire to form groups and to act upon its welfare. The reason for this eternal conflict lies in our own struggle with our two identities. When the pendulum swings to the extreme end of collectivism, genocide and other forms of social abnormalities--collective madness--occur.

The book explores and makes well documented, with thorough and complete calculation and discussion, pure Physics of semiconductor nanostructures. Costus speciosus is an erect plant that grows up to 2. Its root stock is tuberous; stem sub-woody at the base; leaves are sub sessile, oblong, spirally arranged, silky-pubescent beneath; sheaths coriaceous; flowers are present in very dense spikes, many; bracts ovate, mucronate, bright red; corrolla tube short, lobes ovate-oblong subequal; lip white with yellow center, crisped, concave; disk with a tuft of hair at the base.

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Gupta, Dipak K. 1948–

The second chapter contains Six Conjectures on Indefinite Nonintegrable Functions, which are traditionally known as nonelementary functions. In third chapter Dominating Function has been introduced, which dominates all most all elementary functions. In chapter four Different Types of Dominating Functions have been proposed with some properties. In chapter six General Integrals of Dominating Sequential Functions have been generated and then indefinite integrals of some elementary and nonelementary functions have been derived. Possible integrals of all nonelementary functions discussed in chapter two have been discussed in chapter eight.

Passing on the Right Conservative Professors in the Progressive University

Dipak Chavan Science Education. In this era of science and technology, Science Education is an area of great debate at an international as well as National level, at government and school levels for many causes.

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Science is a core National Curriculum subject, training, recruiting and retaining the excellent science teachers is the challenge in front of many countries in the world. Teachers entering the world of science education must have through knowledge about science content, pedagogy and evaluation in science. They have also responsibility to develop interest and ability in science of their students. This book is also enabling the teachers and researcher to develop the science ability test, science achievement test and science interest inventory.

The flowshop scheduling is one of the most well-studied production scheduling problems, that has gained wide attention in academic fields. Since a FSP with makespan criteria has been proved to be NP-hard in strong sense, producing good quality solutions by some heuristic techniques is very difficult due to large combinatorial search space.

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Exact methods such as the branch and bound method and dynamic programming take considerable computing time if an optimum solution exists. In such situations it is pragmatic to find a near optimal solution which can be obtained rather quickly. To overcome this difficulty an artificial immune system AIS based algorithm is proposed to generate good solutions within considerable time span.

The AIS is an intelligent stochastic problem-solving technique, which has been used in different optimization problems as reported in literature.

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It is a computational system inspired by theoretical immunology, observed immune functions, principles, and mechanisms in order to solve different engineering problems. Superparamagnetic iron oxide SPIO nanoparticles NPs have been under intensive investigation in various biomedical applications. The SPIO NPs are systematically characterized to identify their structure, surface coating, magnetic properties, cytotoxicity, cellular uptake, relaxivity and specific absorption rate SAR properties.

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In summary, the SPIO NPs are very promising candidate for clinical MRI as well as for magnetic hyperthermia treatment of tumor and thus, could be simultaneously used for cancer diagnostic and therapeutic theranostic applications.