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Its high quality construction and rugged design provide a stock that can stand up to the toughest of use. This shooting accessory is adjustable from We started Modern Warriors for the sole purpose of providing a less expensive way to enjoy our love of buying and shooting some really cool stuff.

Mossberg 500 riot gun

What started as a hobby has turned into a business where we have developed the experience and ability to help you enjoy our same hobby and save you money in the process. We specialize in tactical weapons, including suppressors, short barrel rifles and full auto weapons. We have routine experience in shooting the weapons we carry, so if you want our opinion on how a weapon operates, we will gladly provide it. To guarantee an effective, fight-stopping hit on a violent attacker, you have to aim — even at hallway distance with a shotgun.

I tried this on a few different trips to the range and I found that after 10 or 15 rounds, I could find the sweet spot and more or less keep all the pellets in the center of the target at 5 yards. Personally, I had much better success doing exactly what Mossberg says not to do and holding the gun up at eye level. I extend my support arm out almost completely and that helps keep my firing hand away from my face. The other key to this is to use the push-pull technique popularized by the instructor Rob Haught for controlling shotgun recoil.

Just before I press the trigger, I aggressively push out with my support arm and pull in toward me with my firing hand and that minimizes the movement of the gun. This might not work for everybody because without a shoulder stock, the push-pull technique is almost completely dependent on upper-body strength.

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  4. Grip strength and maybe even arm length are going to play a part, too. So if you want to try this, you might consider practicing the push-pull technique with the gun at hip level or chest level before you put it in front of your face. The bead is just there to confirm and to help make small corrections. Without the shoulder stock, you lose the two points of contact that keep your eye in line with the muzzle.

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    And unlike shooting a handgun, your hands are holding separate parts of the gun. And each time you fire and run the action, you have to line everything up again.

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    A no brainier purchase. The thing weighed a metric ton, but worked well. Can accept 3 inch magnums! Performs excellently. I trust my home to it. You could, too.

    Mossberg 12 gauge shotgun manual - Google Документи

    I bought one of these took it home shells would not come out of mag tube. I ended up with a And I wanted thus gun to work so bad. I wanted two of them honestly.

    boetoborria.gq And would have bought two. But not sure they can be trusted. I did purchase the Mossberg 88 brand new from Vance and it had a feeding problem where the shells were not entering into the chamber.

    I have some skills with weapons so I took it apart and found one of the metal feeding arms that most cheaper shotguns have was bent. I straightened it and never had a problem since.

    mossberg 500 12ga shotgun review & assemble