Lethally Blond (Bailey Weggins Mystery, Book 5)

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But you also understand the importance. That aside, it was what I was looking for: a Cheetos sort of mystery. I'd read the others in the series so far, and I don't expect a whole lot. The other issue was the whole back and I think one of the biggest issues I have with these books is that the author's main occupation has been as an editor. The other issue was the whole back and forth between the guys and it was just way over done.

If she's so head over heels for one and not really all that into the other, why so much waffling? Especially when one of the guys was pretty much a terrible boyfriend Some of the other "issues" were just junk to pad things out and it was just not that believable. Random friend spending a night at a guy's place and his girlfriend is randomly answering the other guy's house phone and pretending to be someone she's not?

The mystery was okay, though there was a good deal of telegraphing ahead of time for the reveal. Jan 30, library goddess rated it really liked it Shelves: read-in This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers.

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To view it, click here. Good little mystery with some flaws. The killer appeared out of nowhere and tied up the loose ends too neatly. And the main character spends too much time worrying about her love life Jun 03, Kim rated it really liked it. Really enjoyed this book.

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Great summer read. Interested in reading other books in this series. Jul 24, Gretchen rated it it was amazing. Total brain candy. Dec 14, Beth Rosepal rated it liked it.

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I predicated the ending after the first chapter. I like the modern girl mystery lead character. Fun summer book.

Jul 28, Tammy rated it really liked it. I really enjoyed this one.

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Fast paced and a good plot. Oct 12, Jerry King rated it really liked it. Nothing exciting or surprising about this one, but also nothing outwardly horrific, except for the typical cheesy lines and asides. Really Bailey?!?! After pining for Beau Regan, the man you instantly felt as soon as you saw him that he was the man you would marry; you are actually torn at the end of this book!?!?!

Yes, the attraction is tangible and great. There was a basis of friendship before the great sex. Yet the initial connection with Beau was so immediate… the reconnection in this book, while fraught with some bumps, was so true; you are now torn at the end???? Are you a commitment ph Really Bailey?!?!

Are you a commitment phobe??? Are you afraid of being hurt???? What is going on with you??? I really like Bailey and I have enjoyed this series.

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Lethally Blond

My biggest criticism would be her relationships with men. She seems to profess that she would like a committed relationship, though burned by a divorce that took her by surprise in a sense she had no idea that her husband was a compulsive gambler and in debt to loan sharks , yet seems to try to sabotage any viable relationship she enters into.

First was the psychiatrist she first consulted as source for the story she was writing as a true crime author. She ultimately sabotaged that, when he was ready for commitment and all of a sudden, she was not when he committed. I lived with it. However, I have no patience for this sudden reversal on Beau at the end of this book…as she professed that Chris the young actor was a great friend and a good fling, but not really serious.

Now, she is ready to give up a satisfying , substantial relationship yes, fraught with possible hurt and failure , to turn to the heady attention as he main squeeze of a young and rising actor. Are you that shallow Bailey!?!? I did enjoy the mystery in this book and all previous books. I just have a problem with Bailey, from book to book.

She can end up being so shallow and so immature; even though the majority of the time, she seems together and more mature. Hope Bailey develops more understanding of herself and perspective as we go onward. Plot twists and conflicts I can take and enjoy. Jan 03, bookczuk rated it liked it Shelves: cozy-type-mystery , bookcrossing , what-s-another-name-for-chick-lit. I've liked this author for light diversion inthe past, but just couldn't get into this particlar book. Not even enough to skip to the back to see who killed Tom. From the Publisher Whenever a celebrity throws a phone, crashes a car, or kills a spouse, celebrity journalist Bailey Weggins is there to cover it for the gossip magazine Buzz.

Now, the new television show Morgue is the talk of the town, and just as Bailey starts reminiscing about her brief summer fling with the show's gorgeous sta I've liked this author for light diversion inthe past, but just couldn't get into this particlar book. Now, the new television show Morgue is the talk of the town, and just as Bailey starts reminiscing about her brief summer fling with the show's gorgeous star, Chris Wickersham, he calls.

But Chris isn't thinking about rekindling their old flame. His friend and fellow actor on the show has gone missing, and while nobody else seems to be alarmed, Chris can't believe his friend would just run off while on the brink of stardom. When Bailey starts to investigate as a favor for Chris, she soon realizes there is much more to the disappearance than meets the eye, and unless she can unearth the truth, she could become the inspiration for Morgue's next episode.

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Jun 12, Stacy rated it really liked it. This was perfect for me since I picked it up and started reading it while in New York.

Bailey is fun. Not sure how much bed hopping is appropriate, but it was close to my limit. Live vicariously through her. Oct 07, Jessica rated it it was ok. I want to say it was really good but in truth, it was just fun, light reading for me. I had to get past the writing; the word choice felt a bit contrived to me. It reminds me of the days when my creative writing papers came back from my professors slashed and hacked for similar reasons. I finally get what they were saying after all these years.