Earth Surface Systems

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Earth Surface Systems

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An Earth System Data Record of Earth's Surface Mass Variations from GRACE and Geodetic Satellites

Citing articles via Web of Science Related Articles. D — Goldschmidt Abstracts Mineralogical Magazine.

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1st Edition

View More. Related Book Content. Within each physiographic province, we will choose sites on the basis of geology and vegetation, leveraging efforts at existing long-term observatories. The authors ask for feedback on how their proposed initiative would be best integrated into the Critical Zone Observatories and other programs such as Earth Cube.

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Geochemistry of Earth Surface Systems - 1st Edition

Contact Us See Our Partners. In this study, we explore what governs the different sensitivity of rivers to blocking from landslide debris. We accomplish this by comparing two sites in California with dramatic differences in blocking from otherwise similar slow-moving landslides. We develop and test new methods for counting pebble-size distributions in photos of gravel-bed rivers. Our open-source algorithms provide good estimates in complex imagery from high-energy mountain rivers. We discuss methods of river cross-section photo collection and processing into seamless georeferenced imagery.

Application of a semi-automated version of the algorithm in small patches can be used as validation data for upscaling to entire survey sites using a fully automated version.

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Manuscript under review for ESurf discussion: open, 0 comments. Large wood LW pieces are often part of fish habitat restoration projects. We investigated reach-scale changes after the addition of LW that are relevant to juvenile coho salmon.

A survivable habitat for juvenile coho was characterized in terms of critical swim speed and bed stability. Our findings are applicable to stream restoration efforts throughout the Pacific Northwest. Large earthquakes trigger thousands of landslides in the area of their epicentre.

Geography Standard 7

For three earthquake cases, we have determined the position of these landslides along hillslopes. These co-seismic landslides tend to cluster at ridge crests and slope toes. We show that crest clustering is specific to seismic triggering. But although co-seismic landslides locate higher in the landscape than rainfall-induced landslides, geological features strongly modulate their position along the hillslopes. Highlight articles.

Rebecca L. Caldwell, Douglas A. River deltas are valuable resources that support biodiversity and human habitation. Despite this we do not have a global census of deltas nor do we know the conditions that promote their formation. The conditions that lead to delta formation are high sediment input and low wave and tide conditions.

These results can be used to understand how deltas will adapt to environmental changes. Valla, Georgina E. King, and Rabiul H. Assessing the impact of glaciation at the Earth's surface requires simultaneous quantification of the impact of climate variability on past glacier fluctuations and on bedrock erosion.