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A growing understanding exists of both isolated and combined dystonia as new genes are identified and our knowledge of the phenotypic presentation of previously reported genes has expanded. Genetic testing is commercially available for some of these conditions. Treatment options for dystonia include pharmacologic therapy, chemodenervation, and surgical intervention.

Deep brain stimulation benefits many patients with various types of dystonia. Relationship Disclosure: Dr Shanker reports no disclosure. Fox Foundation and for serving on the editorial board of Movement Disorders. Fox Foundation. Supplemental digital content: Videos accompanying this article are cited in the text as Supplemental Digital Content.


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Localization in Clinical Neurology

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Testing for FXTAS

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Genetics of paediatric hereditary movement disorders

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Using the 4 pillars practice transformation program to increase adult influenza vaccination and reduce missed opportunities in a randomized cluster trial. BMC Infect Dis. Neurological and neuropsychiatric adverse effects of dermatologic medications. Lotia M, Jankovic J. Botulinum Toxin for the Treatment of Tremor and Tics.

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New and emerging medical therapies in Parkinson's disease. Binomial regression with a misclassified covariate and outcome. Stat Methods Med Res.

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History taking in neurology

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textbook of clinical neurology

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